Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Syria: Whats happening there.

(Damascus)  Syria until recently was all over the news and to be honest ISIS wasn't as big a problem there as it was in Iraq. This was down to the fact that in Syria, there were (and still are) many more players (Think Game of thrones)  Then the Russians got into bed with Assad and he started regaining lost ground. Once an area had been taken, Assad would offer a form of clemency and a truce where the losers (along with all their family) would be offered free passage to another area still in rebel control most relocated to the province of Idlib and there they remained whilst Assad and his cronies cleaned up. Then when he had retaken most of the country, that truce went out of the window and Idlib , the last bastion of the rebels and terrorists with links to the outside world faced the full might of the Syrian regime

So currently the Syrians and friends are on mass striking The little queen segment of the above map. The Turks who vouched for them last year and knocked out something of a ceasefire and truce last year between the different parties , isn't happy and is currently trying to broker a new one.In order to gain more leverage , Ankara has turned to the EU and stated that it is going to send a lot of these people their way, hoping that the EU will cough up loads of money, in which to receive..nothing but hundreds of thousands of rabid people (I refer to the jihadists) set on recreating their vision of an Islamic utopia in Europe.