Thursday, December 26, 2019

Iran: New protests sees Mullahs cut internet again.

(Tehran) The authorities in Iran have shut down internet access across the country a day before new protests which have been called for on social media which called for people to turn up on the streets  in which to commemorate those killed last month on Thursday.

The news agency ILNA quoted an informed source at the Communications and Information Technology Ministry. stating that the shutdown was ordered from the top and covered the Alborz, Kurdestan and Zanjan provinces in central and western Iran and Fars in the south, with the possibility that more provinces will be affected by the shutdown of mobile international connectivity,'

Last month, Iran shut down the internet for about a week in which to stifle the protest making it difficult for people to post videos on social media to generate support and also to obtain reliable reports on the extent of the unrest. It also allowed the Iranian mullahs to carry out the bloodiest crackdown in the 40-year history of the Islamic Republic.

Funny enough the Mullahs are currently pushing out a huge disinformation campaign at the moment and has 'Press TV' headlining with a story that US made weapons and ammo has been seized which somebody was trying to smuggle to protesters.