Friday, November 24, 2017

UK: BBC peddling fake new

(London)  The BBC is currently airing a story about how a little girl in a school was asked how she felt about living next door to a black person.

Apparently the mother was offended by this test paper on unconscious bias:

For some strange reason the mother doesn't include the top of the test paper in her happy snap. But hey faster than you can scream black lives matter, she's been given a soap box to stand on in which to play the race card, the school responded by saying:
"The lesson is about citizenship and diversity, and focuses particularly on homophobia. It aims to develop student's understanding of the advantages of a diverse and inclusive society, and the dangers of prejudiced or phobic attitudes and behaviour.
However she wasn't having any of this and the BBC is more than happy to allow her to air her grievance. Then I found out she works as a presenter for the...BBC   Funny that.