Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Turkey: 3 Turks abuse Female shop-worker over...Black Friday

(Istanbul) Last Friday 3 very brave men entered an opticians and started throwing abuse at the female shop assistant because the store was running a Black Friday promotion.  First they asked her if she was a Muslim and on getting a positive answer used their pious adherence to Islam in which to berate her, not only that, but they filmed themselves abusing this poor woman and happily uploaded to the net for all to see them carrying out 'Allah's will: 
“You cannot call the Muslim holy day ‘Black’,why do you not organise ‘Black Sunday’ campaigns ? It’s immoral, it’s impertinent, You cannot sell snails in a Muslim neighbourhood.” (That expression, popular among pious Muslims refers to how they are forbidden to eat snails) 
This people is how Islam works, they use religion in which to keep people in their place and we all know what happens to people who get tagged as blasphemers?. But the worse part, is this religious intolerance has been allowed to creep into the West in the name of...Political correctness.

Politicians in Turkey have jumped onto the moral outrage bandwagon, with Hamza Yerlikaya a member of the ruling AK Party and adviser to President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan Tweeting on Twitter:
 “What is this Black Friday? Why Friday? Friday is enlightenment, abundance, peace, the best day the sun shines on."