Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Terror toddler filmed sawing off teddy bear’s head with ISIS backdrop

(NYDN) ISIS recruitment begins young.

Disturbing video has surfaced showing a toddler knifing off a teddy bear's head as ISIS flags hang in the background.

The terror tot, identified as the son of a jihadi, is first seen enthusiastically running into the room with the six-inch blade raised in his hand.

He goes straight for a white and red plush doll and begins sawing away at its throat as music plays in the background.

When he briefly pauses, a man off camera emits a cry which is echoed by the little boy who then resumes his attack after smiling and raising his knife.

"Allah Akbar!" the unseen man cries as the barefoot boy waddles away with a smile, leaving the doll behind him.

The 51-second video, titled “The son of one of the Mujahideen Part II” in Arabic, was posted on YouTube Friday and tweeted out by a self-described "Islamic Supremacist, Radical and Fundamentalist."

"Oh my.." @jihadi56 tweeted with emojis expressing tears and laughter. "Khilafah cub showing off his skills!"