Sunday, August 30, 2015

Saudi coalition forces inside Yemen (Part 2)

(Sanaa) In order to combat the Iranian backed forces next door in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and its coalition of Sunni Islamic states have sent in a huge armoured force of some of the most modern military equipment going. These include the UAV Main Battle Tank, the Leclerc, which is also the current French MBT.

Here pictured in combat in Yemen:

The HIMARS artillery rocket system (details here) which is basically a mini MLRS.

The Pantsir SI Air defence system. (Why? I just don't know, as the rebels have no air force).

The Otokar APC

 The BMP-3 IFV

The forces pitted against the Houhti are not only much more modern than anything they have, but in terms of weapon systems much more numerous.