Thursday, August 27, 2015

ISIS Turns 100-Ton Dump Truck Into IED

(Boldride) When dealing with terrorists, it seems that anything and everything that could be used as an instrument of war, will be. For instance, earlier this month, ISIS turned a massive Belaz dump truck, something designed to construct dams and other massive projects, into a one hundred ton IED.

According to Jalopnik, the dump truck was modified to become a platform for a suicide attack against forces loyal to President Assad of Syria. The dump truck was modified to repel gunfire, smash through obstacles and barriers, and small explosions as it made its way to a key air base.

The base itself is one that Syria and the rest of the Middle East should be worried about falling into the hands of these terrorists. Inside, Syria not only keeps combat ready aircraft, but it is also full of fuel, other military vehicles, weapons, and a stockpile of bombs. Something that definitely shouldn’t end up in their hands.

While the gargantuan dump truck wasn’t able to plow its way all the way into the base, it goes to show that ISIS is willing to use whatever means necessary to get what the group wants.

What’s more frightening is that these tactics of using large, industrial machinery essentially as battering rams is becoming more common each day. And what’s worse is that ISIS has been using waves of these vehicles to borough deeper and deeper into the strongholds of Syria.