Sunday, June 23, 2013

UK: Muslims desecrate British graves with Islamic graffiti

(England) Sick graffiti vandals crept into a cemetery to spray graves with Islamic messages.

The thugs used red paint to spray ‘Islam is great’ in large letters on one neatly-maintained grave.

On another headstone they painted the word ‘Islam’.

Visitors to the New Bradwell cemetery complained to council officials, who immediately sent out a graffiti removal squad.

Using specialist cleaning substances, council workers scrubbed the stones until no sign of the paint remained.

A spokesman said:“We have a policy to remove racist or highly offensive graffiti as soon as possible.

“We were very keen to remove this as soon as possible to minimise any further distress to the families.”

The council has appealed for information from anybody who saw people acting suspiciously around the graves.

“If we find out who is responsible we would certainly want them prosecuted and punished,” said the spokesman.

It is not yet known whether CCTV evidence will offer any clues to the perpetrators.

The name on the defaced grave pictured has been disguised by the Citizen to avoid distress to relatives.

Meanwhile other families who visit New Bradwell cemetery are furious about the vandalism.

“We’re worried they will strike again and damage other headstones,” said one visitor.

“To spray graffiti anywhere is mindless vandalism, but to deface a grave is the sickest thing imaginable.”
H/t: 7th Rangers