Sunday, June 16, 2013

Policeman stabbed inside British mosque

(Birmingham) Following on from my post yesterday where I revealed that the so called rise of Islamophobic attacks against Muslims in the UK is nothing more than a sham, I bring you the case of a mad man running amok inside a mosque in Birmingham, stabbing people for the sake of Allah.

Police were called and within 4 minutes they were there. There they found 3 people had been stabbed at evening prayers, and when they corned the knife-man in a side room, they found instead of a foaming at the mouth EDL white racist... a peace loving Somali Muslim who had no problem stabbing his fellow Muslims.

Of course, as he was a peace loving Muslim, the police only tazered him and then, when they went to arrest him where the arresting officer found to his horror that the Tazer had no effect on him and thus he became the fourth victim of Allah's little knife-man. (And there are people in the UK who feel that using Tazers is far too barbaric.) Thankfully, the knife wielding idiot was arrested and the policeman was taken to hospital (along with the other poor victims) for treatment.

Gee, for all the increased police presence around mosques in which to protect them from a non-Islamic backlash after the cold blooded murder of yet another non-Muslim on the streets of the UK by Muslims, it transpires that actually you have more to fear from the people inside the mosques than those outside them.