Monday, June 10, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Begins "March on Jerusalem" to "Liberate Jerusalem from the Jews" and Make It an "Arab territory"

Wait, what do you mean by "Arab territory"? What about the claim that "Palestinians" are a "distinct people"? Does the "liberate Jerusalem from the Jews" mean ethnic cleansing that Arabs are, allegedly, so loudly opposed to? Is Obama going to continue his support for Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood run government?
(WJD) Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood launched its "March on Jerusalem" on Sunday, a supposedly "global march" that asserts Arab domination over Jerusalem and denies Jewish rights to their most holy city.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the march is intended to coincide with Israel's liberation of East Jerusalem and the Old City in 1967, and will include marches in "the Palestinian territories, Germany, Lebanon, Canada, the US, Tunisia, and Malaysia."

The rhetoric employed by the marchers and endorsed by the Brotherhood was openly racist, completely denying all Jewish connection to the city and pledging to "reconquer" it for the Arabs.

One participant pledged to "liberate Jerusalem from the Jews," while another said, "Jerusalem is Arab land and it must become Arab territory again."

There were also frequent references to the "Judaization" of Jerusalem, a term used to denounce the apparently abhorrent practice of allowing Jews to live in their own capital.