Sunday, June 16, 2013

Convicted Moroccan thief sues Scotland Yard for discrimination for refusing her a job as a Police Officer

(London) In the UK, Moroccan Rachida Sobhi is suing Scotland Yard (yes, that Scotland Yard) for refusing to accept her application to become a police officer, because when they ran a background check on her, they found she has a conviction for theft when she worked at a department store during the 90s. When asked why she left out that salient bit of information, she replied that she had selective amnesia that caused her to forget her crime – but no other aspect of her life.

Her application was rightly rejected by the Police who demand that all new recruits are blemish free, but a year later, Ms Sobhi filed a claim in the London Central Employment Tribunal complaining of discrimination on the ground of her sex, her sexual orientation, her religion or beliefs, her age and her disability against the Met and several individuals. She claimed that the Met treated her 'less favourably' because of her condition and failed to take reasonable steps to accommodate her.

What is really disturbing is some low life lawyer is willing to take her case to the courts. You know what I say? Deport her back to her own country and let her become a policewoman there. Oh, hang on, Morocco is an Islamic country, they don't have equality for women there, do they?