Saturday, June 22, 2013

Obama regime stands up for its Muslim Brotherhood friends

Egyptian activists express outrage over US ambassador's criticism of anti- Muslim Brotherhood protests.
CAIRO (AP) — Egyptian anti-government activists denounced the U.S. ambassador in Cairo Friday for a statement in which she criticized street protests as the opposition gears up for mass rallies to demand the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi.

The outrage mounted after Ambassador Anne Patterson said in a speech earlier this week that she is "deeply skeptical" that protests will be fruitful and defended U.S. relations with Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood as necessary because the group is part of the democratically elected Egyptian government.

"Some say that street action will produce better results than elections. To be honest, my government and I are deeply skeptical," she said Tuesday during a seminar organized by a Cairo research center. "Egypt needs stability to get its economic house in order, and more violence on the streets will do little more than add new names to the lists of martyrs."

US troops undergo ant-riot training in preparation for their deployment to Egypt.

(KCEN) -- A group of soldiers are preparing for their deployment to Egypt with riot training on post.

They're planning ahead for violent protests or riots and the possibility of protecting the country's border with Israel.

Soldiers encountered Molotov cocktails and other dangerous items in the training.

Lt. Matthew Wilkinson says, "Just what I've seen over the course of the past week than we were a week ago."

PFC Perez Alexander says, "We want to be as professional as possible... Know what we're doing."