Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood has paddy over equality for women

(Cairo) It transpires that while the Islamic world is more than happy to defend the UN when it comes to getting their own way (attacking Israel, attacking the US, attacking the UK, demanding money, etc.), when it comes to the UN questioning the mores of Islam, then its a different ball game, and as in all things Islamic, any criticism of Islam can only be deemed as racist and thus an attack on the faith. Which is exactly how the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt have reacted to a new UN policy document titled "Eliminating and Preventing All Forms of Violence Against Women and Girls".

It appears that Allah's favourite Pharaohs have taken umbrage at how the UN promotes the view that all women are as equal to men (as they are) and believes that the document issued by the commission on the status of women of the UN "seeks destroying family values as a final step of cultural and intellectual invasion of Muslim societies".

So just what has offended these peaceful equality loving Muslims?

Well, for a start, they don't like how
"Equating sexual assault by a stranger with assault by a spouse and granting the wife the right to press charges of rape undermines the values of society."
They also didn't like how the report condemned:
"The pulling the authority of divorce from husbands and handing it to the judiciary, sharing property after divorce and cancelling the concept of taking the husband's permission prior to travel, work or use contraception."
Or even
"Substituting guardianship with partnership, distributing family roles fully between men and women, the full equity in marital law as it stipulates abolishing concepts of polygamy, dowry, and allows Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men,"
As I see it, it's nothing about preserving family bonds, but rather keeping men in control. And idiots keep on trying to tell me that Islam is a magnanimous faith.