Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Illegal immigrants sue in which to make the UK pay for treating their sick child

(Portsmouth) Muhammad Ahmed came to the UK on a 1-year visa in 2008 in which to work behind the counter in a grocery shop. When his visa ran out, instead of returning to Bangladesh he remained in the UK illegally, and last July he and his wife had a child (on top of the 2 others they had while remaining illegally in the UK). Well, it transpires that the child, Sanika Ahmed, has has Erb's palsy and needs surgery on her right arm, or else she will lose the use of her arm. However, when Mohammed took his daughter to the local hospital last November, they were told to supply proof of their entitlement to use the National Health Service - something they haven't done. Instead the hospital received a writ in January of this year from the Ahmeds taking them to court. The hospital has stated that they are willing to treat the child as a private patient, but the Ahmeds say they cannot afford this and that is the reason why they have gone to court.

What I cannot understand is how the local mosque hasn't had a whip round in which to ensue that this little child gets treated. I mean, they have no problem collecting millions for terrorists, mosques and such, but not for little girls. Funny that.