Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cristina Kirchner Argentine bunny boiler?

(Buenos Aires) I have a friend, she's single, really pretty, but bloody hell, she doesn't half go on about her neighbour, they slept together and then he went and found a younger model. Every conversation we have soon turns to him. Bloody hell, he slept with her once and she acts if they were wed. Talk about give it a rest.

And so it is with Cristina Kirchner, the four legged ruler of Argentina. She noted that her country invaded and raped a group of islands over 300 miles to the west of Argentina, and boy how it curled her toes, she hasn't stopped talking about the frill she achieved when the Argentine flag flew over Stanley. Her latest outburst consisted of over 27 tweets on the subject. Christ, it makes you wonder if her husband actually died of natural causes or did he top himself just to get away from her constant rabbiting.