Thursday, March 14, 2013

How Muslims love to blame the Jews

(London) On Christmas Day in 2007, Labour Peer Nazi Ahmed, aka Baron Ahmed, was driving home up the M1 motorway when he was involved in a road traffic accident resulting in the death of a man who had broken down on the motorway. When it transpired that Mr Ahmed had sent 5 text messages in the 2 minutes before the accident, it meant he had to have his day in court on charges of dangerous driving, and in Feb 2009 Baron Ahmed received a prison sentence of 12 weeks for killing 28-year-old Martyn Gombar due to dangerous driving. Of course, as a Peer of the Relm, Mr Ahmed couldn't accept the 12-week sentence and he appealed, of which he was successful and was released from prison after serving... 16 days.

So to recap, after a charge of dangerous driving which resulted in the death of Martyn Gombar, Mr Ahmed received a sentence of 16 days. Which in anybody's book is bloody lenient. To everybody except Mr Ahmed. You see, Mr Ahmed, like the Muslim he is, can only see himself as the victim and so he opined to the Pakistani media that the only reason he went to prison (for 16 days) is because those nasty hook nosed Jews, who just happen to control the media in the UK, didn't like how he supported Palestinians in the Levant.

Which is why he has been suspended from the Labour Party of the UK. The thing is, this isn't the first time Muslim features Ahmed has been suspended by his Party. He was suspended last year after offering a 10 Million pound bounty for the heads of Obama and GW Bush. But as is the way of the Muslim, he stated he was simply misunderstood.

What is it with Muslims and their ability to lie out of their arses for Allah?