Thursday, March 28, 2013

Libyan stop over for aid convey to Gaza results in 2 women getting raped

(Benghazi) Gosh, you've got to love this Islamic brotherhood which I keep on hearing about. You know, that Islamic brotherhood which sees more aid going towards Islamic lands from the unbeliever than you do the faithful. In fact, while the West is more than happy to stump up the cash to feed the poor inside Islamic lands, Islamic cash is used to build... mosques. Yup, nothing like priorities is there.

Anyway, the latest aid convoy from the West to Gaza had a stop over in Libya. However, it seems that the welcome the convoy hoped to receive in honour of helping feed fellow Muslims inside Gaza, didn't go down as well as they presumed when the locals decided to kidnap 2 Pakistani girls from the convoy and gang rape them in front of their father. I wonder if this incident will change the minds of these victims that actually they have less to worry about from the Jews than they do their fellow Muslims.