Saturday, December 29, 2012

Report: Senior Hamas operative killed in Syria

I've developed a strong appreciation for jihadis killing jihadis, whatever their reasons may be.
(Ynet) News outlets affiliated with Hamas reported Saturday that a commander in Hamas' military wing has been killed in Syria.

According to the report, Muhammad Ahmad Qanitah, 30, was killed Thursday while the rebels were attempting to take control of Idlib.
Apparently, he was on the rebel side. Some Hamas members fight on the Syrian side and some fight on the rebel side.
Activists also said a Palestinian fighter who had been a prominent figure in the armed wing of the Palestinian militant group Hamas was killed in Aleppo province on Friday.

Mohammed Qanita was killed in fighting around Aleppo airport where he had been helping to train Arab and Muslim fighters, a rebel said.

A Hamas source in Gaza said Qanita had left the Qassam Brigade of Hamas and joined a jihadi group before leaving for Syria to fight there.

The exiled leadership of Hamas was based in Damascus until earlier this year, when officials from the Sunni Islamist movement, which sympathises with the uprising against Assad, quietly pulled out.