Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Iranians ban planes landing or taking off during the call to prayer

(Tehran) Muslims the world over have a penchant for banning things which they just don't agree to. Be it football, TV, music, bras, tomatoes, samosas, foreign aid, shaking hands, school bells, condoms, phone ring tones, teaching English, New Year, Valentines Day, Christmas and the rest, Muslims the world over sure let you know if they don't like something.

Well, after banning almost anything and everything in Iran, the mad mullahs there have decided to find something new to find fault with, and, guess what, they did. Which is why as of today, planes landing and taking off during the call to prayer (5 tines a day) are to be banned.

I do wonder just how they are going to come up with something to follow this edict.