Saturday, December 22, 2012

Man dragged out of Pakistani police station and murdered by angry mob

(Dadu) It never ceases to amaze me how followers of Islam (that faith which the left keep on telling me is a religion of peace) find ways in which to excuse their blood lust. In the Dadu region of Pakistan a traveller who was spending the night in the local mosque was assumed to be the guilty party behind the act of ripping apart a Koran. So as is the way of the Muslim, he was severely beaten and handed over to the police.

However, as this is an Islamic country, a crowd appeared out of nowhere and marched down to the local police station where they dragged the arrested man outside and then beat him to death, no doubt while uttering 'Allah Ackba'. But get this: this so called religious crowd, who for some warped reason was defending the sanctity of Islam, had no problem filming their murderous act in which to watch later.

What kind of a cult (Islam doesn't deserve to be classed as a religion) can become angry at the destruction of a book, but at the same time remain silent on the ugliness (murder, rape, intolerance) which we are availed to on a daily basis?