Saturday, December 22, 2012

3 European Somali terrorists in the dock in Brooklyn

(US) On Friday, 3 European Somalis found themselves facing a judge in the Federal District Court in Brooklyn on charges of training to become suicide bombers. What is surprising is that the 3 are all people who left Somalia as children in which to seek safety in the West. But as per the norms of Islamic asylum seekers the world over, they have no problem returning to the country that they sought shelter from when and as it pleases them. The three (two Swedes and an ex British citizen) have all come out with excuses that actually they were all charity workers, and in the case of Mahdi Hashi - a young man who came to the UK as an child asylum seeker - he was stripped of his British citizenship in October this year because for some strange reason the government didn't accept his excuse that the reason he was in Somalia was to look after his ailing grandmother.

No doubt the left (and CAIR) will be singing the praises of these so called innocent men, and naturally I expect the British media to play their part in reinventing terrorist Hashi as a good boy. But then the Koran does brainwash the faithful to murder nNon-Muslims, rape women and sleep with 6-year-old little girls. So I suppose to Muslims the world over, Hashi is a good little boy.