Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Iran Pays Russian Women at Its Nuclear Plant to Cover Their Bodies to Comply with Sharia

(Weekly Statndard) Iran is paying Russian women working at a nuclear plant to cover their bodies, so as to comply with sharia dress codes, an Iranian member of parliament told the outlet ISNA.

"Based on contracts signed with female Russian employees at the Bushehr (nuclear) power plant, they receive a hijab payment," said Mehdi Mousavinejad, the MP, according to the AFP newswire.

But Mousavinejad lamented that not all women comply and, moreover, the rules are not properly enforced.

"Unfortunately, they do not properly observe what is (asked of them), which is mentioned in the contracts," he said. "When one party accepts to pay an amount for a commitment, it is important for the other party to fulfil its commitments."

It is not clear how much money these Russian women are being paid to cover up.

"He did not how much money was paid, or how many female technicians are working at the Bushehr nuclear plant," reports AFP.

"Russia took over as the main contractor at Bushehr in the mid-90s, but the plant is yet to be fully operational and connected to Iran's national grid.

"A defining element of Iran since the Islamic revolution in 1979, the hijab has translated into women wearing long, loose clothing to conceal their figures."