Friday, December 21, 2012

Canada gets human rights failing grade from Amnesty International; U.N. to endorse Holocaust deniers’ hero

It's well past time for the free nations of the world to abandon these organizations that are now tools of the 3rd world shitholes.
(The Star) For Canada’s international human rights standing, 2012 was an annus horribilis.

This year three UN expert committees rated the country’s performance on meeting rights commitments — and returned a failing grade.

GENEVA, Dec. 19 (UN Watch) - Tomrorow, the United Nations General Assembly will adopt a resolution ratifying all of the 2012 resolutions and decisions of its subsidiary, the 47-nation Human Rights Council.

While a handful of these decisions were good, many were despicable. One stands out for its ignominy: the appointment of a top official whose life’s work—authoring books on World War II that make Germans the victims and the Allies the war criminals—has made him a hero to Holocaust deniers.