Saturday, November 17, 2012

The hypocrisy of the Islamic world (and the left) when it comes to Israel

(Levant) This past week has seen old hatreds openly surface and reignite the physical fisticuffs which passes as civilized dialogue for the followers of a pedophillic warlord who, while they profess to all and sundry that they belong to a cult religion of peace, they actually subscribe to the ways of Mars, the god of war.

So in a nutshell, in an attempt to send a positive message to the Emir of Qatar the other month, Hamas launched a 100 rocket salute into Israel. But this failed to get the Israelis to attack on mass and turn the spotlight away from Syria. So last week they fired an anti-tank missile at an Israeli jeep after their attempt to lure the IDF into Gaza and detonate a huge tunnel filled with explosives failed. In response, the IDF took out the leader of Hamas' terrorist arm and apparently that struck a cord with Allah's favourite little terrorists, and angry that their chief bomb maker went boom, they have launched over 800 rockets into Israel, and in return Israel has struck back with around 300 air-strikes killing, I should say, as of today, 40 people.

For some strange reason, the liberals are angry at how Israel is bombing the shit out of Gaza... Hello! Yet in their eagerness to pledge their solidarity with Allah, the liberals totally omit the 800 rockets, the anti-tank missiles. Not to miss out on this hate fest, the leaders of Turkey have joined in:
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stepped up condemnation of Israel on Friday, calling its ongoing strikes on Gaza “atrocious” and accusing Israel of pounding the Palestinian territory for “fabricated reasons.”
President Abdullah Gül has decried an ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza that has left more than 20 Palestinians dead so far, most of them civilians, describing the move as a “bloody investment in election.”
But here's something the burgers of Turkey seem to have left out during their condemnation of Israel. The other month, shells from Syria hit a town in Turkey, and for six days Turkey bombed and shelled Syria in which to teach the Syrians a lesson. The Turks moved troops to the border and informed the Syrians if they didn't desist, they would feel the wrath of Allah. Also, as Turkey is an Islamic nation, they played the victim card to the world, which is why NATO is deploying two patriot missile batteries to the border in which to protect Turkey from Syria.

So let me get this right. Syria launches 6 mortar shells into Turkey and Turkey has the right to bombard Syria into the stone age, deploy troops to the area and demand protection from NATO.

But when 800 missiles are launched in a week from Gaza into Israel and Israel retaliates, it is not only wrong but a genocide in the making (40 dead).

The irony here is, while the liberals and Muslims vent their spleens over Gaza, yesterday in Syria 106 people were killed and nobody in the Muslim or liberal world battered an eyelid. There, people, lies the rank hypocrisy that prevails for decency in the world today.