Saturday, November 17, 2012

China unveils new Predator type UAVs

(China) While the world watches events unfold in the Middle East, China took the opportunity to unveil its latest military UAVs (for sale no less) to the world. First of all, there is the Wing Loong MALE UAV from Chengdu. This Predator-class machine is said to have a 20-hour endurance and was shown with three different small precision-guided munitions (PGMs). Similar in size to the US Predator, it is also presumed to have similar capabilities. Next up, the CH-4 was shown. The CH-4 has four wing hard points, compared with two on the Wing Loong, and can be considered a Reaper-class machine. As these are Chinese goods, they are selling for well below the price that others sell their UAVs for (kind of explains why Pakistan has snapped up four and is after a lot more).