Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hamas murder 6 men in public

(Gaza)  Hamas security forces stopped a van in Gaza today, made the 6 men inside get out and lie on the floor and then murdered then. Their so called crime, apparently, is that they were Israeli collaborators which in Islamic speak means an internal disagreement between terrorist factions which have made Gaza their home. And how better to excuse your blood lust than by blaming the Jew? Well, after piling 5 of the bodies in the street, the media's favourite victims tied the feet of one of the murdered men to a motorbike and dragged his body through the streets of Gaza, uttering 'Allah Ackba'.

Witnesses said a van stopped in the intersection and four masked men pushed the six suspected informers out of the vehicle. Salim Mahmoud, 18, said the gunmen ordered the six to lie face down in the street and then shot them dead. Another witness, 13-year-old Mokhmen al-Gazhali, said the informers were killed one by one, as he mimicked the sound of gunfire. They said only a few people were in the street at first -- most Gazans have been staying indoors because of the Israeli airstrikes -- but the crowd quickly grew after the killings. Eventually, several hundred men pushed and shoved to get a close look at the bodies, lying in a jumble on the ground. One man spit at the corpses, another kicked the head of one of the dead men.

"They should have been killed in a more brutal fashion so others don't even think about working with the occupation (Israel)," said one of the bystanders, 24-year-old Ashraf Maher.

So much for Islam being a religion of peace then.