Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Arab paper: Syria, Iran instigated Gaza conflict

Asharq Alawsat editor claims Syria, Iran caused escalation between Israel, Gaza to aid Assad regime.
(Ynet) While the Arab world condemns Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip and Operation Pillars of Defense steals the headlines on the Arab channels, a civil war continues to run wild in Syria between the rebels and Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime – a war that has been going on for a year and eight months.

In a report given by the opposition on Sunday night to the SkyNews channel in Arabic, the violence and warfare continue in a few of the country's cities, killing 51 in the last 24 hours and almost 200 since the weekend.

Against this backdrop, editor-in-chief of the most-read newspaper in the Arab world, "al-Sharq al-Awsat", Tariq Alhomayed tried to turn his readers' attention to another tragedy in the Arab world; revealing what he believes brought upon the escalation in southern Israel – the Iranians and Assad.

In an editorial entitled, "The solution to Gaza…return to Syria," Alhomayed wrote that, " Unfortunately, wars in our region have become like a race, so each war is to cover another one. In other words, these wars are nothing more than a move to escape forward.

Therefore what is happening in Gaza is escaping forward, particularly in the hope of saving al-Assad or at least ensuring that the cost of toppling him will be greater for everybody. The greatest architect of such wars is Iran".

According to Alhomayed, the Iranians tried heating up the fronts on the Israeli borders via their agents. When unsuccessful on the Syrian and Lebanese fronts, they chose the Gaza Strip. "When the Golan front did not move quickly enough for al-Assad and Iran, they resorted to the Gaza front, because this can be inflamed far quicker, whilst it is also easier for Israel in this regard. For Israel, Gaza is like a punching bag that can be used for training and muscle flexing, whilst success in Gaza would strike several “files” in one go ".

Regarding Syria he wrote: "Now, the best solution to get out of this war – or air strikes – in Gaza is to return to Syria, and strongly, for whoever is responsible for the launch of the home-made rockets in Gaza did this whilst being well aware that there is no equivalence. The whole purpose of this was to save al-Assad, whose days are numbered; indeed his ouster is just around the corner".