Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Syria "firing mortars to stop refugees"

ZAATARI, Jordan (Reuters) - The United Nations humanitarian chief accused Syria on Tuesday of firing mortar bombs near the border with Jordan to prevent refugees from fleeing a civil war that she says is "getting worse day by day".

In an interview with Reuters at the Jordanian refugee camp of Zaatari on Tuesday, Valerie Amos said that during a visit to the border the night before she was able to see "what was definitely mortar fire on the Syrian side of the border to try to prevent people from crossing." [..]

"We need the agreement by all those involved in the conflict to ensure they will not in any way bomb or shell or fight (refugees)," Amos said.

Notice how there is no talking about war crimes and accusations of committing atrocities and "genocide" like there is every time Israel takes out actual terrorists. Weird, huh?