Monday, November 19, 2012

IAF eliminates another four senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists

(INN) IDF planes on Monday targeted and eliminated another four senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists. The four were eliminated as part of the IDF's efforts to dismantle the Hamas terror infrastructure in Gaza, and to restore calm and quiet to southern Israel, the army said in a statement. The four were eliminated in a joint operation of the IDF and the Shabak, the General Security Service.

That the loss of the four to Gaza Arab terrorists was evident from the fact that Hamas denied that the IDF had eliminated the four. In a statement, Hamas said that it could not confirm that the four had been killed by the IDF, and said that they were “out of communication range.”
OK, that was funny.
Among the four was Abu al-Attah, a member of the Hamas senior military council. Al-Attah directed hundreds of rocket attacks against Israel, including long-range attacks. He was also a senior figure in the manufacture of rockets in Gaza. Although a Hamas member, he collaborated with Islamic Jihad on their rocket attacks on Israel. He was also involved in planning several terror attacks against Israel.

Also eliminated was Tisar Mahmoud Mahmad Jabbari, also a member of the council and a senior Hamas member, responsible for organizing numerous terror attacks against Israelis. The other two terrorists - Khalil Bahatini and Ramez Harb, both senior members of Islamic Jihad who had themselves participated in numerous rocket and terror attacks against Israelis.