Thursday, March 8, 2012

China refuses to kowtow to EU eco nuts

(EU) A little known story currently doing the rounds is the one where the EU has unilaterally imposed a CO2 tax on airlines flying into the EU. In the EU, climate change (note how quickly drooped the "global warming" tag when records showed the Earth is cooling) activists have become the high priests of the latest religion to be taken up by the millions of people who left Christianity because the liberals deemed it out of fashion with the modern world. (Unlike Islam that is).

Which is why even with purchasing the latest in electronic (energy saving) household items, insulating the house much more than officially recommended and thus using half the energy I did 10 years ago, my bills have gone through the roof. (This is all down to the huge hike UK energy supplies have to give to energy supplied by "green" technologies in which to keep them going.) All so these new - very well paid and publicly funded - champions of the Earth can dictate to the rest that the sky is falling and that we must be made to pay in which to save their jobs the planet.

Well, in Central Europe that centre of excellence for ethical latte drinkers - the European Union - have decreed that anybody flying into their airspace must be taxed for the CO2 they are emitting, and while European airlines have no choice but to stump up, other countries have said:
"Excuse me, you want how much???"
At first, the liberals in the EU tried to defuse the impasse by saying it is nothing, and countries like China actually stand more to gain by this tax than the EU. Well, it seems the Chinese don't think so, and after first forbidding its airlines from paying this tax, the Chinese have gone on the attack and informed the EU that it will no longer be buying any jets from the EU's sole airline builder Airbus. Which, I suppose, is one way of cutting airline CO2 emissions.

For some strange reason, the usual eco suspects, who have no problem publicly berating the US for anything that disagrees with their train of thought, have kept very, very quiet about protesting against China.

Gee, I wonder why???