Friday, March 23, 2012

21st Century Trojan Horse: Sharia Rolls into American Education, Court Systems

The “Islamophic” card continues to be played in trump by Muslim organizations pushing their agenda in the American educational and legal systems. This time, a public interest law center is under attack by Islamic news agencies for pointing out that Muslim students are being given religious privileges not enjoyed by other religions in U.S. public schools.

In recent days, the Ahlul Bayt News Agency and the International Islamic News Agency, among others, have attacked the Thomas More Law Center, one of the first advocacy groups in the nation to take legal action against the double standard in public schools that favors Islam over other religions.

While the news agencies bemoaned the lack of facilities and, hence, the “unfair treatment” of Muslims in public schools, Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel at the law center, said, “What (school officials) are doing … is to give Muslim students religious benefits that they do not give any other religion right now.”

“Islam is more than a religion,” continued Thompson (right). “It is a political ideology that regulates every aspect of human existence, and calls for the Islamic domination of the world. Since radical Muslims know they can never defeat our military on the battlefield, they devised the strategy of internal subversion.”

The founder of the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Omar Ahmad, said to a group of American Muslims in 1998, “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran should be the highest authority in America and Islam the only accepted religion on earth”

Omar Ahmad, (left), founder of CAIR and an officer of the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) was captured on an FBI surveillance tape at a Hamas meeting in 1993 explaining that the IAP could not, for political reasons, admit its support for Hamas. He then discussed how the Hamas agenda could be cloaked and advanced. Ahmad’s airfare and hotel bills for this meeting were paid for by the Holy Land Foundation.

“Like the ancient Trojan Horse welcomed within the city’s gates, Islam has entered America disguised as a religion," Thompson continued. "But its ultimate objective is political: Destroy America and establish an Islamic nation under Sharia Law.  So while America sleeps, they are awake and subverting our government, as well as our public schools and universities.  And we will not be deterred from our efforts to stop them.”

In 2002, the center filed a federal lawsuit against the Byron Union School District in California for a three-week course in the Islamic faith for its seventh-grade students which used the workbook, Islam, A simulation of Islamic history and culture.

The center contended that the course was nothing short of religious indoctrination, prohibited by the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

The 12-year old students were:
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, in a ruling marked “Not for Publication,” decided that the Islamic program was not “overt religious exercises” that violated the Establishment Clause.

The Establishment Clause states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. It is generally interpreted to forbid the establishment of a national religion for the United States as well as a preference by the U.S. government of one religion over another.

The Establishment Clause guarantees Americans a separation of religion and state but allows the government to accommodate the free exercise of religion. However, because the court forbid the publication of its ruling, it was not possible for the law center to use the case as a precedent to establish similar classes to educate students about other religions.

The law center reports that the kindergarten through grade 12 textbooks contain “sugarcoated versions of Islam promoted by the Council on Islamic Education.” The textbooks fail to mention kidnappings, beheadings, slave trading, savage murder, persecution of non-Muslims and the repression of women common in Islamic countries that follow Islamic (sharia) law.

In another case, the Poway School District ordered math teacher Bradley Johnson, to take down banners (which he had been displaying for 25 years) which said “In God We Trust” (a phrase found on all U.S. paper money), and “One Nation Under God” (a phrase from the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance) because they promoted a Judeo-Christian message and might offend a Muslim student.

The case was appealed and in September, 2011, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court ruled that the banners, because of their large size, were promoting a “particular viewpoint.” The three-judge panel argued that an employer – in this case Johnson’s principal and school board -- has a right to place limits on employees’ speech.