Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mohammed jailed in Scotland for having his brother murdered

(Scotlandistan) 42-year-old Mohammed Siddique has been jailed for a minimum of 25 years over how he ordered the murder of his brother (also called Mohammed Siddique) after they had a falling out.

Hiring three Bulgarian hit men, Mohammed (the victim) was lured to a flat in Glenrothes on 24 October 2010 with the promise of cheap contraband cigarettes and alcohol. Instead of downing a shot, Mohammed instead was shot in the face and then, as he laid dying on the floor, he was shot again.

For their parts in this murder, Buglarians Tencho Andonov and Deyan Nikolov were also given life sentences and were ordered to serve at least 29 and 18 years respectively.

Anybody else notice how the name Mohammed appears to be synonymous with murder nowadays?