Wednesday, March 21, 2012

About these Islamic Human Rights groups which love to shout foul play

(UK) Last week, during the swearing in of a jury for a murder case in London, the judge Aidan Marron QC noticed that a woman, about to take the oath, had her face covered by a niqab (the Islamic full face covering). He asked if she was prepared to take off her face covering for the court case. She said she wasn't. The judge explained that he required to see the faces of the jury, and asking if she understood - she replied she did - he stood her down.

All fair and good? Well, actually no. You see, while the woman was more than happy to get off jury service (who wouldn't?), it offended (as always) the idiots at the Islamic Human Rights Commission who opined:
‘I’m speechless that you can exclude someone on the basis of the way that they dress. It’s very worrying that a judge is being prejudiced against women wearing a veil.’
So here we have an Islamic Human Rights group based in the UK which appears to fight for the rights of Muslims. (Even when the Muslim in question was more than happy to leave the court.) A look at their website shows similar cases of Islamic victimhood. Be it Saudi police being heavy handed, Manila bombing Islamic terrorists, or even boycotting Israeli dates, the IHRC appears to stand up for the little man. Until, that is, we come to Syria. While bitching about how somebody looked funny at a Muslim in the West, the IHRC remains very silent on Syria. You know, that Syria where over 7,000 people have been murdered by the dictator-for-life whose family has run the show for over 42 years. Oh, hang on, they do have something to say and that is:
Saudi Arabia, Qatar, US, Israel and UK covert attacks inside Syria are all about separating Syria from its support for Hezbollah and Hamas and IranPress TV talks with Reza Kazem, spokesperson for Islamic Human Rights in London who gives a balanced look at the chaotic situation occurring in Syria from a human rights perspective.
Get that, according to the IHRC, the problem isn't with the Syrian dictatorship but rather with the US, UK and Israel. Funny enough, they also remain silent on the idiot currently holed up inside a council flat in France after he murdered 7 people in cold blood, including 3 children.

Why am I not surprised?