Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hamas blames Israel for power cuts

(Gaza) Last year, after the Egyptians decided to replace the government, and replace it with a more polarised Islamic one, Hamas, that democratically elected Islamist party which runs Gaza, decided that the time was ripe to cut links with Israel for staples such as fuel and instead to get their fuel from Egypt. What they forgot to mention is that all the fuel would be taxed by them (thus allowing the Hamas leaders to live it large). However, the Egyptians did the unthinkable and actually clamped down on fuel smuggling (pity they can't do the same with weapons) which meant that this week the only power station in Gaza had to close down.

Both Israel and Egypt have offered to supply Gaza with fuel, but for some strange reason, the leaders of Hamas have refused, and now the people of Gaza have to endure daily 18-hour power cuts. Of course, this is all being blamed on Israel, yet it is Israel which supplies Gaza with the majority of its electricity. But to Islamic world and their left-wing sycophantic followers, Israel and not Hamas is to blame here.

No doubt some Western based Islamic idiot will use the above lie in which to target Jewish children, in which to try and extract revenge.