Thursday, March 29, 2012

Turkey: Man stabs his 18-year-old wife to death 15 times after having a dream that she was having an affair

After the murder, being a good follower of Allah that he is, he fled the scene.
(Today's Zaman) Two men on Monday assaulted their wives, whom they claimed were having extra-marital affairs.

Mehmet Gezen of İzmir had a dream Sunday night that his 18-year-old wife, Fatma Gezen, was having an affair with another man in their neighborhood, Son Dakika reported on Monday. After returning home from work on Monday, he got in an argument with his wife over the dream. Out of jealousy, he said, he took a knife from the kitchen, stabbed Fatma Gezen 15 times and then fled the scene.

Neighbors heard Gezen's screams and alerted the police and paramedics, who took her to Tepecik Training and Research Hospital. Gezen was severely injured and remains in critical condition. The İzmir Police Department has launched an investigation into the incident and continues to search for Mehmet Gezen.

In İstanbul, a woman was beaten so badly by her husband on Monday that she required hospitalization.

Çetin K. assaulted his wife, Ayfer Boz K., during an argument that began Sunday night and lasted until early Monday morning, the Cihan news agency reported Monday afternoon. Ayfer Boz K. was able to call her mother, Hatice Boz, who contacted the police.

Police arrested Çetin K. and paramedics took Ayfer Boz K. to the hospital. Boz told police that the argument had begun after her son-in-law accused her daughter of having an affair. According to Boz, Çetin K. regularly beat her daughter.

Legal and sociological experts and activists stress that there is no justification for gender-based violence, a pressing issue in Turkey.