Monday, May 13, 2024

Ukraine: Russia opens up new front above Kharkiv.

(Kharkiv)  On Friday the 10th May (The day after the Russian 9th of May celebration and where Putin gave a speech about fighting the Nazis) Moscow open up a new front against Ukraine by crossing the border into the northern part of the Kharkiv Oblast with 35000 troops.

After 4 days of fighting, not much is known but it appears that Russia has advanced around 5 miles into Ukraine, which to be fair isnt that good going for a country which outnumbers the other feller in everything bar the will to fight. In fact whilst the western media is pushing the narrative that the Russians just walked in, it hasn't been exactly easy going for the Russians and they have suffered heavily, but that said it isn't the first time that Moscow has turned a blind eye to causalities suffered

At this moment in time, nobody knows what Putin is after, some say he wants a buffer zone to prevent  Kyiv from striking inside Russia, but when we see UAVs striking targets 700 miles into Russia, that plan of action comes across as moot. Maybe he wants to divert Ukrainian forces from the Donbas in which to take some pressure off his forces there, or maybe, just maybe he wants to take Kharkiv, believing that will place pressure on Zelenskyy to step down, affording the new President the freedom to sue for peace on Russian terms.. Only time will tell