Saturday, May 18, 2024

Ukraine: Carries out devastating strikes on Russian Airbase.

(Crimea) Over a period of 2 consecutive nights Ukraine struck the Russian military airbase at Belbek  which is situated around 5 miles north of Sevastopol formerly known as Sevastopol International Airport Belbek when under Ukrainian control, since Russia annexed the area in 2014, it has only been used as a military airbase, which Moscow has used to great effect in its war against the Ukraine.

On the nights of the 14th and 15th of May the Russians claimed that they had stopped and prevented attacks on the Airbase stating they had shot down 10 recently supplied US MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile System missiles (ATACMs) and then daylight broke allowing satellite photos of the airbase to reveal that something did get through and that quite a bit of damage was caused:

Resulting in the loss of:
1x S400 Missile system
2x Mig 31 (Used by Russia to launch cruise missiles into Ukraine)
1x fuel compound 

There is claims that more aircraft were damaged, but that the Russians removed them from sight so as keep the full details to themselves.