Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Malawi: UN expert demands that Christian schools overturn their Hijab ban,

(Mangochi) The other day I mentioned how Muslims living in Malawi (which is 87% Christian) decided to demolish  the local church after 2 girls (Children of noted radical Muslims) who attended the local Christian school decided to flaunt the school rules on dress and turned  up wearing the hijab. The school sent them home and in return the Muslims rioted demolished the church, the home of a priest,  kicked a teacher out of his home and forced the schools to be closed.

Well it appears that Ms. Maria Jose Torres, United Nations Resident Coordinator in Malawi isn't happy how a christian school which has a dress code acted when the daughters of 2 Islamic agitators were sent home for taking no notice of the school dress code and has demanded that the country sets aside Christian school dress codes for Muslims.

Funny how I've never heard the UN demand that Islamic schools do likewise regards not covering up for allah when it comes to Non-Muslims.