Saturday, November 9, 2019

Syria: Turkish and Syrian forces clash.

(Ras al-Ayn)  It appears the Turks may have made a huge mistake launching a third invasion of Syria the other week , it which to rid itself of its Kurdish problem, albeit inside Syria.  Its seems their premise that Damascus was far too weak to do anything about their little invasion proved inaccurate and today the Syrians launched an operation to kick the Turks out of Syria, winning the first shindig by kicking the Turks out of the village of Shu’ayfah village situated near  the border town  of  Ras al-Ayn 

Whislt Turkey may have a larger and better armed military, its soldiers are virtually untested. The Syrians on the otherhand have 8 years of hard battle experience to fall back on and in a fight that really counts.Politically the Turks can do nothing as they are the ones invading another country and very much doubt any NATO country will back them up here..