Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Wales: Nationalist party suspends candidate over anti-Semitism

(Cardiff)  The UK has a general election in around 2 weeks time (Dec 13) and all the parties are out and about trying to garner votes. In Wales Plaid Cymru (The Welsh nationalist party)  has had to suspend Sahar Al-Faifi one of its up and coming stars after she appeared on a party political broadcast last week where she got to utter the words;"Activists its us"

It appears that Sahar Al-Faifi who is happy to promote the view that Muslims can only be victims living in the west

Left out that she is a vapid hater who is happy to cheer on and excuse terrorist attacks be it on Israel or even the UK. She was reported for writing in 2017 on social media after the London Bridge terror attackcarried out by Islamists  asking “who is to blame?”.Referring to “pro-Zionists pro-war individuals such as Robert Rosenkranz, Lord Ashcroft and Lord Kalms the owner of Dixons”, she wrote: “These people make money from wars and it is within their interest to make the world unstable by funding fear via morons and militias.” get that she blamed Jews for the attacks carried out by Islamic terrorists. She has made numerous statements expressing support for terrorist attacks on Israel:
“Zionist Ashkenazi” really have blood ties to the land, and the impact which genetic research into their heritage might have on “the Rothschild Jews and their branches in Palestine”.One of the alleged tweets appears to shows her n a state of elation over rocket attacks against Jewish Israelis, exclaiming: “Zionists ran away since the first rocket fell! YOU KNOW WHY? Because it is not their land! They do not know HOW to die for it”.Another alleged tweet appears to show her calling on Saudi Arabia to wage economic war on the West, saying: “If Saudi Arabia stopped producing oil for one day, the West would kneel on their knees [sic] & #Israel would disappear. Shame on Arab rulers!

Knowing full well that her historical racial outbursts may come back to haunt her she took to deleting all her posts. Problem there was as she was known to those who keep tabs on bigots like her. and they kept record and so she was exposed the otherday warts and all.  She tried to excuse her actions by saying she deleted them several years ago when she saw the error of her ways yet the London attacks transpired 2 years ago. She then tried to claim she had received training on how to combat antisemitism from the British Jewish Board of Deputies, unfortunately they were having none of that and exposed her lies for the sham they were  Plaid Cymru tried to play the 'Islamophobia card' in which to defend her but it didn't work and due to the public backlash over her open bigotry she has been dropped.