Friday, November 22, 2019

US: Animal rights activist arrested after stabbing a woman for wearing faux fur boots she thought were real.

(Cleveland)  It never fails to amaze me how the left of the political centre who scream that they are victims of everything and anything , who quite literally scream the house down with their demands for a safe place to live, work, drink coffee in and who character assassinate anybody who doesn't subscribe to their way of thinking as racist bigots are so quick to resort to violence themselves in which to show the other fellow the error of their ways.

We see this on university campuses , we see this on the streets and last night we saw it inside a church when 35 year old animal rights activist Meredith Lowell followed a babysitter dropping off children at Fairmount Presbyterian Church yesterday around 17.15hrs  for choir practice and proceeded to stab her because she was wearing faux fur boots. After stabbing the babysitter 3 times , Lowell was apprehended by church members until the police arrived. 
But get this, she was arrested earlier this year for attacking a shopper with a knife in a health food store for wearing faux fur on her coat and 7 years ago she was arrested for trying to hire hitmen to kill people who wear fur. Currently she is locked up and no doubt with her penchant for going off the rails, she is going to spend a lot of time locked away . No doubt she will have the cleanest cell on the block as she will have a woman in to hover up once a day.(Think about it). But my point is. the left of political centre have lost the art of debate and have become the most intolerant bunch of thugs going who have no problem resorting to violence in which to achieve their political objectives. yet these are the very people who scream out to the world, that they are the real victims at the hands of NAZIS.

The irony here is the full name for NAZIS is National Socialist German Workers' Party