Wednesday, March 6, 2019

UK: Afghan jailed for arranging an acid attack on his 3 year old son.

(Worcester) A 40 year old Afghan asylum seeker (who can't be named) has been jailed for 16 years after paying to have a gang of Romanians carry out an acid attack on his 3 year old son, simply in which to make his wife look incapable of looking after their 3 children so as to win custody of them.

The couple who married in an Islamic ceremony in 2007 split in 2012 and she taking their 3 children sought shelter away from the abusive man in  a nearby town in a refuge for abused women. Unfortunately for her, he spotted her picture in the local paper at a school event and he set in motion a plan to regain his honour. He arranged with a friend for a gang of Romanians to attack the child with acid which they carried out in a store last July.

clockwise from top left, Jan Dudi, Jabar Paktia, Norbert Pulko, Adam Cech and Saied Hussini
Unfortunately for the Romanian gang they were caught on video, which resulted in them getting nicked. Whilst carrying out their investigations the police realised that the gang had tried to carry out the attack earlier in the month  outside the child’s school, but pulled out due to a last minute hitch. Once the gang were under arrest it soon transpired that the child’s father was the man behind the attack and whislt looking into him, the police found out he had actually asked permission from his mullah in the Uk if was permissible to murder his wife and children due to her divorcing him Instead of informing the police, the mullah told him to go away and pray. He also threatened to take the children outside the UK to a Muslim country to have them killed. He said he would do this because he would not get into trouble if he did it in a Muslim country.

Adam Cech, Jan Dudi, Norbert Pulko, Martina Badiova, Saied Hussini, and Jabar Paktia  all received sentences of 12 years for their part in the attack. Whilst the child suffered serious burns to his face and arms, his injuries were mitigated by the swift action carried out by a member of staff