Monday, March 4, 2019

Sweden:Green Party Blames Swedes for rise in Migrant crime.

(Stockholm)  The Green party in Sweden have ignited a right heated conflab with how they point the finger of blame for the huge rise in Immigrant crime in the country at the Swedish people. 

Manuel Cortez Azero and Hedda Berkesand
Green Youth members Manuel Cortez Azero and Hedda Berkesand came to the conclusion in an opinion piece in the Expressen Newspaper that the reason why the capital city suffered over 100 shootings last year, wasn't down to an imported criminal element rather and I quote:
 "The beginning and the end of the problem lies in the Swedes' national chauvinism"
Yup these two bright sparks subscribe to the theory that the root of all the problems is down to how Swedes refuse to fully accept third-world immigrants and adapt to them, I quote from their article:
"The Swedes said they were willing to make cultural compromises and integrate with the newcomers. In practice, however, the new Swedes have to switch their cultural identity and expression almost entirely to be able to enter society. Therefore, we have assimilation, not integration"
As you may gather, the above whitewash of the facts hasn't gone down well inside Sweden and the liberals wonder why people are flocking to the far right.