Monday, March 18, 2019

Holland: Gun attack by Turk sees 3 killed, several injured.

(Utrecht)  This morning at around 10.45 am Gokmen Tanis a 37 year old Turkish male suspect opened fire on tram in the centre of the Dutch city of Utrecht killing 3 people and injuring several others. 

After the shooting Gokmen fled the area in a red car which has since been found abandoned

Gokmen Tanis minutes before the shooting on the tram
Police are currently holding a siege outside an apartment block where the suspect is believed to holed up in.
The scene of the attack
Police lay siege to apartment block

Whilst the Dutch are referring to this incident as an act of terrorism, I do have to ask, has all the  promotion of a western malaise of white racial hated -aka Islamophobia-  over the attack in New Zealand resulted in this.  A political and religious agenda I should add which has whilst having no problem painting all white people as intolerant racist bigots does exactly the opposite when the culprit isn't. Then we are told it is the work of a lone wolf, that the person has mental health issues and that the killers actions in no way represent (quite correctly) the majority of Muslims who live peacefully.