Monday, March 4, 2019

Holland: Extremely offensive banner placed outside mosque

(Hague) On Sunday morning, supporters from the far right anti-Muslim group Pegida placed an offensive banner outside the As-Soennah mosque in The Hague. The banner which read in dutch:

"Prophet Muhammad children f*****"
was accompanied by a mannequin wearing a beard, a robe, a turban, which was placed in a position alongside a baby doll in which to represent the man having sex with the doll. A spokes idiot for Pegida speaking to the media explained that the organization was responsible for the offensive display. He stated that Pegida is angry that requests to demonstrate outside  mosques in The Hague are always rejected. "We are only allowed kilometers away. We do not accept that. We have the basic right to demonstrate, just like others have the basic right to exercise their faith." He stressed that the banner and mannequin were placed in front of the mosque, not touching it. "Nothing was attached to the mosque. It is all on public road."
What is it with these idiots who are willing to ignite a race war, the last I looked people have been killed for less across Europe for less. People I should, who are innocents. I wonder of these wankers will be still laughing when the next atrocity in Holland blames the above as the reason why.