Monday, March 4, 2019

France: Usual suspects riot after 2 thugs killed after they hit coach during chase.

(Grenoble) So on Saturday evening French police responded to a call about 2 thugs on a scooter hitting car wing-mirrors, driving without lights and riding on the pavement. On spotting the likely suspects they gave chase. The two young helmet less lads (Aged 17 and 19) must have presumed that getting away would be easy and led the police a merry chase until they attempted to pass a coach on a slip road. The driver seeing the chase pulled over to the right to allow the vehicles to pass, problem was the scooter also picked the right to undertake the coach and ended up getting crushed between a coach and a very hard place.

Naturally the usual suspects have played the race card regards the untimely deaths of two of their finest and so as is customary in France, these idiots have decided to riot in which to express their anger at not being able to Mug,steal or destroy things to their hearts content. Which is why last night saw a second night of rioting resulting in yet more mayhem with a tally of 15 cars burnt out, a building burned down, as well as a dozen vehicle fires which were contained.