Wednesday, April 26, 2017

India: Somali pirates who starved the crew of the ship they stole to death, complain about the food in Prison and beg to be released.

(India) April 2010, Somali crooks commandeered 3 Thai fishing vessels and demanded a ransom. Whilst negotiations were ongoing regards the safe return of the crews, the boats were re-purposed as motherships for stealing other ships and thus armed they left the shores of Somalia where these thugs claimed they took to piracy in which to combat illegal fishing and sailed around 1400 miles to the Lakshadweep Islands in which to make a killing.

This they continued to do until Jan 2011, when the Indian Navy caught up with them , in the ensuring gun battle, the Thai trawler Prantalay 14 was sunk with 10 pirates killed, 15 arrested and 20 of the 24 Thai crew being rescued. The other 4 crew members had died of starvation  during their captivity.
Thai trawler Prantalay 14.
Well move forward 6 years and those 15 Somali pirates had their day in court yesterday in the city of Mumbai. 33 year old Bon John Ali and the group leader opined about the hardships he and his fellow cut-throats have faced these past 6 years:
“Fish is our staple. We don't like the jail food. Hand us over to our country people”
He also stated that the 10 who died had drowned as they did not know how to swim.
24 year old Rage Abdile opined
"I have been ill for seven years. Don't know how my family would be making ends meet."
The youngest 22 year old Aways Mohammed cried that he was underage when arrested and desperately wanted to see his family.

I suppose if these thugs had been arrested by the West they would have sought asylum and been given it, with nobody caring about how these self proclaiming victims demanding better food, medical treatment and an easy time, didn't do likewise to the crews of the fishing vessels whom they had no problem mistreating.