Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Something rotten in the state of Sweden

(Sweden) The other month the do-gooders of the world went ape after President Trump stated the following:

"You look at what's happening in Germany, you look at what's happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They're having problems like they never thought possible,"

Here's a  few news stories from this peaceful beautiful country from this week:

On the 20th March Police were called to an asylum centre in Stockholm Sweden after it was reported an asylum seeker was setting fire to things.  3 policewomen were despatched to the scene. As you can see , the culprit was apprehended rather quickly. (Not)

A Islamic religious school has defended itself after a TV reported revealed how young children were filmed being separated by gender on a school bus, As part of a documentary, Swedish broadcaster TV4 filmed secret footage of the privately-run but publically funded Al-Azhar Primary School in Stockholm where boys are seen entering a bus from the front and girls from the back. Aged between six and ten, the pupils take the school bus in the mornings and evenings to go to and from school in the neighbourhood of Vällingby, north-west of Stockholm. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven told reporters:
"It does not belong in Sweden" to have primary schools dividing children, aged between 6 and 10, by gender."
The school's vice principal said it had no intention of separating the children by gender.

"This is not something that has been known or sanctioned by school management. Both the principal and I note, after seeing the video, that it has happened, but it is of course nothing we support,"

Yesterday the Swedish discrimination ombudsman sued a company after a Muslim woman's job interview was cut short , when she made it known she would refuse to shake the hand of any male she would happen to meet in the course of her employment. She wasn't happy and she sued and guess what, she won $9000 for her hurt feelings.

A court in Karlstad Sweden has awarded damages to the mother of a 5 month old infant who was killed (presumably by one of the parents) after the prosecution couldn't decide which one of them killed the baby boy. Last June, a 5 month old infant was received and died at Karlstad hospital suffering from severe head injuries . The doctors called the police and the 26 year old Somali mother was arrested on suspicion of murder, the child’s 20 year old father was later picked up. 

Each gave a different account of how the baby came to be injured (He said she did it, she said he did) and this week as the courts were unable to pin the death of the child they were both allowed to walk free. As this is Sweden, the courts have awarded damages of almost $18K to the mother for hurt feelings over the ordeal of having to attend court. The lawyer for the father has already stated he is going to try and get the same for his client.

Finally,on March 1st, a ban on wearing masks in the stands at Swedish football stadiums came into force. This was brought in to combat violent behaviour such as this at football matches. 

Exceptions were made for people in the line of duty like police, or people who cover their face for religious reasons. So now all these violent football fans have taken to wearing the Niqab.