Thursday, April 13, 2017

Pakistan: Rampaging Mob murder University Student because they thought he was an Ahmadiyya Muslim

(Pakistan) They say that Universities are a forum for all ideas So when students at Abdul Wali Khan University  became aware of rumours that two of their fellow peers could be Ahmadiyya Muslims. ( a persecuted Islamic sect) instead of letting sleeping dogs lie, they did what Muslims do the world over when something crops up that their single brain cells cannot comprehend or accept. They marched on the 2 students. On finding the first one they made him recite passages from the Koran in which to clarify to them all that he was actually a real Muslim (to them Sunni)  this Abdullah did, but as this didn’t sate the Mobs anger they decided to beat him for his troubles. Thankfully for Abdullah the Police had been informed and they rescued him in the nick of time.  Unfortunately for the next victim the 20 policemen sent to the University were unable to contain the roughly 4000 bigots who formed that mob.

Angry at been thwarted, the raging mob marched into the student residence found 23 year old Mohammad Mashal and beat him to death, not only that, but for one of the religious bigots getting beaten up by a mob wasn’t good enough for poor marshal so for good measure they shot him dead in which to make sure. So in a nutshell a poor young man was murdered by a mass mob because of a f-ing rumour.

And people keep trying to tell me that Islam is a religion of peace