Friday, March 31, 2017

Pakistan: Friday bomb blast at Mosque kills 25, injures 80.

(Parachinar) A car bomb was detonated at the woman’s entrance to a Shia mosque in Pakistan's north-western city of Parachinar this morning at around 1030 local time  as people started congregating to attend Friday prayers

The resulting blast killed at least 25 people and injured another 80 . The Pakistani Taliban (TTP) have admitted they were behind the blast, adding its goal was "to avenge the killing of our associates". The group's spokesman said it wanted to "teach a lesson to Shiites for their support for Bashar al-Assad," referring to the Syrian president. The spokesman warned that his Sunni Muslim group will continue attacking Shia Muslims if they back President Assad,

The blast comes 2 months after another attack on the town which claimed 20 lives, resulting in many people asking how could a car bomb bypass the extra security in place in a predominately Shia town on the Afghan/Pak border?